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Overnight Teeth Whitening Wand

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A stroke of brilliance. Apply this click-and-brush-on teeth whitening serum to your teeth every night and let it do its work while you catch your zzz’s. Wake up with a more megawatt smile*!

*Use as directed

How to use

  1. Pat teeth dry with a tissue
  2. Click wand until a drop appears (FYI: first use may take up to 20 clicks)
  3. Brush a layer to the top row of teeth (FYI: 1-2 click of serum is enough for 4 teeth)
  4. Wait 10 to 15 seconds
  5. Repeat on bottom row (FYI: A tingling sensation is normal. To avoid it, keep the wand away from gums.)
  6. GOOD MORNING! Brush teeth to remove film